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Studio Services

I have nearly 20 years of experience in the recording studio and producing musical productions. I am also a certified Audio Engineer from the Long Island Recording Co. in Lexington, Ky. I have ran sound for various churches in Kentucky, and some UofL and CU jazz productions. I was also a sound engineer for MSU recording and setting up sound equipment for all the music programs needs for my last couple years there. I have my own small home recording setup, and I have some services that I can offer! 

If you are interested in my services, please send me an email with the CONTACT section and let me know what you need! We can discuss finer details and pricing based on your needs.

Recording Services:
I can offer my recording services covering virtually anything guitar related.

I can record electric guitar, archtop/jazz guitar, steel string acoustic, and nylon string acoustic guitars.
I can mix the recorded parts for you, or send you raw tracks to mix yourself. I also have the ability to send unprocessed dry guitar parts for you to re-amp as you wish.

My main electric guitar recording is done with the Line 6 helix and HX Native. I also have the ability to record my own real tube amps and a nice selection of mics.

My acoustic guitar and jazz guitar recording is done by blending real mics on the instrument with the pickup system on the acoustics, or an amplifier for jazz guitar.

All recordings are High Quality. Tracks are mixed to 48khz sample rate and 24bit rate .WAV files, unless you have a preference for higher rates.

Audio Engineering Services:
I would be happy to offer my services to mix/master your audio projects as well!
Any musical genre welcome, as well as spoken word or podcast editing!

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