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Private Lessons

I have been teaching private lessons since 2011. I teach students of all skill levels and ages 5 and up. My lessons are catered to what the student is interested in learning first, so that way it is more fun for the student and they have something recognizable to attach to. I teach lessons on Electric/Acoustic Guitar (all skill levels), Ukulele and Bass (beginner-Intermediate). I also teach music theory that is needed, and how to read music notation as well in my lessons. We will learn how to actually play the music you want, and coach you on improving your technique and skillset.

My teaching philosophy is:

Every student has the potential to be great, however it requires that the student puts the work in. Each student that studies under me will learn how to have fun on the instrument with good practice habits and technique, as well as learn to possess the music theory needed to be effective in their preferred genre. My goal is for my students is for them to be able to play the music they wish to play, and ultimately, to gain a love for music and a love for playing musical instruments in the process.


If you are a college student interested in studying jazz, come and check out Campbellsville University! We have a thriving jazz program there full of wonderful and determined teachers and students of all instruments! Check out the school here -> Campbellsville School of Music, and if you are around, stop by and say hi! I would love to meet you and discuss further details about the program and setting up an audition. 

You can reach me via my school email as well:


If you are in or around Louisville, Ky, I teach locally at Steilberg String Instruments. I have a very diverse guitar studio and would love to work with you. We focus on whatever topics you are interested in to help you get where you want to be musically. Check the store'e's webpage out here -> Steilberg String Instruments


Steilberg's contact information is:

Address: 4029 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, KY 40218           Phone: (502) 491-2337

Give Jim and Neil a call, or swing by the store between 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday (closes 6pm Saturday).

Below is my current availability for Steilberg. I teach Monday-Wednesday: 

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